Formula One: Lights go out for Rosberg in S'pore after electronics issues forces him out

FORMULA One title chaser Nico Rosberg lasted just 11 laps of the 2014 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix after an electronics issue with his steering wheel.

The German's Mercedes car stalled at the start of the formation lap, forcing him to start the race from the pits after frantic last-minute work from his engineers.

But the problem persisted on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, forcing the 29-year-old to wave the white flag after a prolonged pit stop, in which the steering wheel failed to reboot properly.

He told the BBC's 5 live: "The steering wheel did not work and then the whole car wasn't working. We need to find out what the problem was because again we have a reliability problem.

"We've had a few this year and that's our weakness. We need to get to the bottom of it and make the car 100 per cent reliable.

"It's tough not even leaving the grid. I was hoping the team could fix it (after the race had started) because it was going on and off, sometimes working, sometimes not.

"There's no point in shouting, it's reliability issue, and it's happened again."

Rosberg's 22-point lead over team-mate Lewis Hamilton could now disappear overnight, especially if pole-sitter and current race leader Hamilton wins on the Marina Bay Circuit. The Briton will move three points clear of the German in the drivers' standings if he wins - a situation which could prove crucial in the drivers' race.