Leicester City's rags to riches story

England's new soccer Champions were 5,000:1 outsiders at the start of the season. Sonia Legg looks at the financial implications of Leicester City winning the Premier league title.

LEICESTER (REUTERS) - Some are calling it the greatest sporting shock in history - certainly, the odds were against Leicester City.

Last year, bookmakers put the soccer club's chances of winning the English Premiership at 5000:1, far less likely than Elvis turning up alive or Kim Kardashian becoming US President.

"You know it may not happen again but I don't care mate. To make history like this, it's such a fairy tale about Leicester City," said one Leicester fan.

"I mean, the whole world knows who we are now, that's important. Maybe the Americans can learn to pronounce Leicester properly as well," another added.

The victory has certainly put the Midlands city in the global spotlight.

The offices of the club's Thai owners King Power are attracting more attention than normal.

The company has good reason to be optimistic.

A potential £150 million (S$294 million) windfall is now heading its way.

"If you look at potential impact of ticket sales, increased sponsorships and the cash from other Leagues like the Champions League, it will start to have quite an impact on Leicester - you might not see it at a bigger club" said market analyst Chris Beauchamp.

Leicester City's shirt maker Puma clearly underestimated demand - some items sold out weeks ago

Global TV audiences are up by a quarter, according to marketing firm Repucom.

It also says the club's Facebook page following has grown by 540 per cent.

Many of those are Italian, following manager Claudio Ranieri.

"I am so happy for the fans, for the chairman, for everybody, for all the Leicester community," said Mr Ranieri.

The challenge now is monetising this level of support - and maintaining the success.