High money stakes on final day of Premier League matches

(From left) Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger will be battling for a Champions League spot on the final day of the English Premier League.
(From left) Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger will be battling for a Champions League spot on the final day of the English Premier League.PHOTO: REUTERS

LONDON • You may think that there is little - if nothing - to play for on the final day of the Premier League season on Sunday.

Chelsea are champions, Tottenham Hotspur will finish second and Hull City, Middlesbrough and Sunderland are going down.

The only real issue to be decided is the race for a top-four finish, with Arsenal keeping their hopes alive by beating Sunderland on Tuesday.

But, with millions in prize money at stake depending on where each club finishes, there will not be many dead rubbers on the final day.

Each position in the league is worth an additional £1.9 million (S$3.43 million) thanks to the new TV deal - Chelsea will earn £38 million for finishing top, while the bottom club Sunderland will earn the minimum £1.9 million.

A win on the final day, then, could boost a club's transfer kitty considerably before the new season starts. Five points separate Southampton in eighth, which is worth £24.7 million in prize money, and Watford in 16th, worth £9.5 million.

Leicester City and West Ham United, in 11th and 12th respectively, have the most to play for in terms of prize money going into the final day.

Leicester can finish anywhere between eighth (worth £24.7 million) and 15th (£11.4 million), while West Ham can finish between ninth (£22.8 million) and 16th (£9.5 million) - meaning £13.3 million is up for grabs in a best-case scenario.

Crystal Palace (13th), Stoke City (14th), Burnley (15th) and Watford (16th) can all finish between 11th and 17th, a difference of £11.4 million.


  • 1ST: £38 MILLION
    2ND: £36.1M 
    3RD: £34.2M 
    Liverpool, Man City or Arsenal
    4TH: £32.3M
    Liverpool, Man City or Arsenal
    5TH: £30.4M 
    Liverpool, Man City or Arsenal 
    6TH: £28.5M
    Man United
    7TH: £26.6M
    8TH: £24.7M To be decided
    9TH: £22.8M To be decided
    10TH: £20.9M To be decided
    11TH: £19M To be decided 
    12TH: £17.1M To be decided
    13TH: £15.2M To be decided
    14TH: £13.3M To be decided
    15TH: £11.4M To be decided 
    16TH: £9.5M To be decided
    17TH: £7.6M To be decided 
    18TH: £5.7M
    19TH: £3.8M 
    20TH: £1.9M 

Swansea City, 17th (worth £7.6 million) under Paul Clement, have done well to avoid relegation and could earn themselves the added bonus of £7.9 million as they could finish as high as 13th.

Southampton will lose out on £7.6 million if they drop from eighth to 12th.

West Bromwich Albion are also in that bunch - they are ninth, worth about £22.8 million in prize money, and they could top that up to £24.7 million if they finish eighth. But a possible 12th-place finish would see that drop to £17.1 million.

The same goes for Bournemouth, who are 10th (worth £20.9 million).

Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal could all finish fifth, which would be worth £30.4 million.

A possible third-place finish would see that rise to £34.2 million, although prize money will be the least of their worries should the worst happen as missing out on the Champions League would cost considerably more.

When taking earnings from live TV appearances and equal shares of domestic and overseas TV income into account, prize money will be a relatively small part of a club's overall revenue from this season.

Chelsea's £38 million for finishing top will be part of around £150 million in Premier League payments this season. Sunderland have won just six games this season but will still bank about £100 million.


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