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School Pocket Money Fund
10 Nov 2012
Participants at the Count on Me! charity event filling bags with items useful for school-going children such as water bottles, lunch boxes, stationery and notepads on Thursday. More than 1,000 bags, which will be given to recipients of The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, were collected.
05 Nov 2012
K-pop has been added to the line-up for annual charity concert ChildAid next month. Rock band Dice, made up of five Korean teens studying in Singapore, will perform a rock version of Korean rapper Psy's hit Gangnam Style. Another group of teenage girls from different schools here will sing and dance to the English version of K-pop girl group Girls Generations' The Boys.
25 Oct 2012
With next to no fanfare, the metallic blue Mercedes pulled into the grounds of the Pertapis Children's Home on Wednesday afternoon.
24 Oct 2012
HE IS best known for driving the ball into the back of the net. But for the next two weeks, national footballer Aleksandar Duric will also drive passengers around for a fee - and a good cause.
23 Oct 2012
The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF) announced on Monday that it will earmark up to $1.5 million to help needy students who move on to post-secondary institutions.
22 Oct 2012
From big corporates such as banks to smaller local enterprises such as BMC Music Centre, a range of partners and sponsors are chipping in for this year's ChildAid concert.
20 Oct 2012
Young pianists performing in this year's ChildAid charity concert will get to play on three Steinway grand pianos, including one that costs $298,000.
19 Oct 2012
MORE than $150,000 was raised on the reception night of a charity photo exhibition by Mr Kwek Leng Joo, in aid of The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and The Business Times Budding Artists Fund.

About the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund

The Straits Times School Pocket Money started in 2000 as a community project initiated by The Straits Times that provides pocket money to children from low-income families to help them through school. The children can use this money for school-related expenses, such as buying a meal during recess, paying for their bus fares or using it to meet their other schooling needs. The financial help also eases the burden of the many parents, who are already struggling to feed their families on their meagre incomes.

In its first 10 years, it raised more than $44million and helped more than 85,000 cases.

As it grew in size and helped more beneficiaries, it realised it had potential to do more beyond just giving pocket money.

It was officially established as a Trust on Oct 20, 2010 with a Board of Trustees and was granted charity status on Nov 14, 2011 with Institution of A Public Character (IPC) status effective from Jan 1, 2012.

Since its inception as a community project to its transition to a full-fledged charity, The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund has been working closely with its strategic partner, the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), which disburses the pocket money to beneficiaries through its network of family service centres, special schools and children's homes. As at Jan 2012 38 family service centres, two agencies providing single parent family services, 18 special schools/ disability VWOs, six children's homes and the Assumption Pathway School are commissioned as disbursing agencies.


For more information, please contact the School Pocket Money Fund directly.

Tel: 6319-2121