What's News: Dec 19, 2016

Regional holidays are expected to gain popularity next year, say industry players.
Regional holidays are expected to gain popularity next year, say industry players.ST FILE PHOTO


Opportunities for Singapore

Developments in the global economy will bring upheaval but they also present opportunities for Singapore, which has to prepare to catch and ride the wave, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat said. He was giving an insight into what has been on the minds of the panel tasked with charting a blueprint for long-term growth.


Travel agencies turn creative

Amid a gloomy economic outlook, some travel agencies are planning to shake things up in the new year to smooth the bumpy ride ahead. They are introducing more affordable packages for budget-conscious travellers, focusing more on customised and private tours to draw vacationers, and even teaming up with other agencies to fill tour groups.


China battling capital outflow

China has been working to ground the flight of capital as individuals and firms rush to protect the value of their assets amid a falling yuan and fears of the Chinese economy tanking. In the first 10 months of this year alone, the outflow topped US$530 billion (S$766 billion), the Financial Times said. 


Aleppo evacuation resumes

Dozens of buses began entering the last rebel-held parts of Aleppo yesterday to resume the evacuation of thousands of Syrian civilians and rebels. This came after a deal was struck to include a parallel evacuation of two villages under rebel siege in north-west Syria.


Trump's Cabinet of rebels

Mr Donald Trump has appointed a Cabinet of generals and billionaire businessmen who can be expected to execute orders and deliver on the economy. But he has also chosen rebels who are likely to crack open the US system, writes Europe Correspondent Jonathan Eyal. 


Should Little India change?

Little India is noisy, crowded and not all that organised - which is the way it should be, say locals, tourists and experts. They took issue with a recent ST Forum letter, comparing it unfavourably to Chinatown and calling for a makeover.


Church head keeps lines open

Singapore Methodist Church's new leader, Bishop Chong Chin Chung, has said the Church should keep open communication lines with the authorities to discuss issues affecting Christians. He met Ministry of Home Affairs officials to "establish communication lines" after his consecration on Dec 2.


Recipe for success

An invitation by Disneyland to Crystal Jade to operate eateries in its famous amusement parks is a source of pride to the home-grown restaurant chain. But this is not a signal to be complacent as "we believe we can do much better", says Mr Ravi Thakran, chairman and managing partner of L Catterton Asia, which has a controlling stake in Crystal Jade. 



Mourinho hails 'Superman'

Manager Jose Mourinho hailed Zlatan Ibrahimovic (photo) as "Superman" after the striker's double in the 2-0 win over West Bromwich Albion on Saturday stretched Manchester United's unbeaten run to eight games. The Swede took his tally for the season to 16 - 10 in his last nine games - to complete a highly satisfactory period for Mourinho and his players.


Action-packed romance

The movie Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, may be a romance at heart, but it is also a thriller packed with action scenes. Lawrence, 26, who is no stranger to action movies, said the new science-fiction film has the most physically challenging scene she has ever done. The movie opens in Singapore on Thursday.



Will passengers be allowed to get off the train if it stalls in a tunnel?



Watch ST's Bridget Tan flying with a water-propelled jetpack.


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