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What can you expect to see at the National Library’s ‘Tales of the Malay World’ exhibition?

The Sulalat al-Salatin, more commonly referred to as the Sejarah Melayu, or Malay Annals, is one of the oldest and most famous texts in Malay literature. PHOTO: NATIONAL LIBRARY BOARD
Munsyi Abdullah is the first non-European to have his work, the Hikayat Abdullah or the autobiography of Munsyi Abdullah, printed in Malay. PHOTO: NATIONAL LIBRARY BOARD
Publsihed Sep 29, 2017, 4:00 am SGT

Now open and running till Feb 25, 2018 at the National Library Building’s Level 10 Gallery, ‘Tales of the Malay World: Manuscripts and Early Books’ is an exploration of traditional Malay literature.

More than 140 items are on display, charting the transition from handwritten manuscripts to early printed works in the 19th century.

Highlights include a copy of the Sulalat al-Salatin, better known as the Sejarah Melayu or Malay Annals, and the autobiography of Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, also known as Munsyi Abdullah, who was the first non-European to have his work printed in Malay.

Accompanying the exhibition are a lobby display showcasing Singapore’s role as the hub of Malay film production in the late 1950s and early 1960s; a roving exhibition on the mousedeer in Malay folklore; and free programmes ranging from special lectures and film screenings to curator’s tours. You can find out more and sign up at library eKiosks or the GoLibrary portal.

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