Singapore Airlines bans hoverboards on its flights

A user on his hoverboard on the Venice Beach boardwalk.
A user on his hoverboard on the Venice Beach boardwalk. PHOTO: AFP

SINGAPORE - Singapore Airlines (SIA) said it will stop passengers from Monday (Dec 21) from carrying hoverboards - self-balancing electric scooters - on all its flights, whether as carry-on or checked-in luggage.

In a statement, the airline said the ban was for safety reasons.

SIA said on its website that it prohibits passengers from checking in or carrying on board lithium batteries with watt hours more than 160 or a lithium content of more than 8g. These include electric segways and electric bicycles.


Rechargeable battery packs and electronic devices such as laptops and digital cameras with lithium batteries with watt hours less than 100 or a lithium content of less than 2g are allowed in carry-on baggage. These batteries are also allowed in check-in baggage if they are stored within the equipment.

SIA subsidiary, Tiger Airways has also banned hoverboards, uniwheels and electric scooters on its flights s regardless of the watt-hour rating of the lithium batteries in such devices.

Other major airlines have banned similar devices after US Consumer Product Safety Commission said it was investigating at least 10 hoverboard fires, the Washington Post reported on Dec 10.

Though hoverboards are said to be among the hottest gifts this holiday season, they are now banned from British Airways, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Delta, American and United flights. Last week Malaysia Airlines also banned them on its flights.