ST Explainers: Trump, Renzi, tragedies in sports

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As US President-elect Donald Trump continues to make headlines with his nominations for Cabinet, ST Explainers gave readers a rundown of the members so far. Two sporting tragedies made the headlines and in the concrete jungle that is Singapore, nature reasserted itself in the form of unexpected animal visitors and a new park in Jurong.

Trump fills new Cabinet with the rich and famous

US President-elect Donald Trump's new Cabinet is shaping up to be a circle of billionaires. The Washington Post characterised it as "the wealthiest administration in modern American history". For a rundown of who's who in the Cabinet, go to

While Mr Trump's presidency is a done deal, there are still recounts of votes in some US states. Correspondent Nirmal Ghosh explains the process and why recounts have been called.

Italian PM Renzi quits after big defeat at referendum

Another country getting ready for a new leader is Italy, whose prime minister, Mr Matteo Renzi, announced his resignation on Dec 5 after a crushing defeat in a referendum on constitutional reforms. For a summary of what happened and what the "no" vote means for Italy, go to

Brazilian footballers in fatal crash, S'porean runner dies

Sporting tragedies made the headlines this past fortnight.

On Nov 29, a plane carrying the Brazilian football team of Chapecoense Real crashed in Colombia, killing 71 people. The team was travelling to Colombia for the finals of Copa Sudamericana, South America's second-biggest club tournament. For a recap on the crash, go to

The popular Standard Chartered Marathon on Dec 4 was marred by the collapse and death of a 29-year-old runner. There have been several cases of runners dying at different events. ST Explainers compiled a list of safety tips for distance runners.

New 90ha park in Jurong, wildlife at our doorsteps

Nature provided ST Digital with two explainers recently.

The National Parks Board unveiled plans for a 90ha park in Jurong on Nov 26. Expected to be completed in 2020, the park will be integrated with Jurong Lake Gardens West. For what to expect, read our guide at

Animal sightings also hit the headlines as pythons, pangolins and crocodiles wandered into campuses and fish farms. We recap the incidents and explain why animals have ventured into the urban jungle at

Zouk parties for last time at Jiak Kim premises

Besides wildlife, party animals, too, came out to play on Dec 3 as Zouk held its last bash at its iconic Jiak Kim Street premises. The clubwill move to a new home at Clarke Quay on Dec 17. We revisit the club's history and explore what made it stand out in the international scene.

Deliveroo hack: Tips on how to protect your account

News broke recently that popular food app Deliveroo was hacked in Britain and that a small number of Singapore accounts were compromised. Here are five tips on how to protect your account.

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