Spring certification criteria benefit SMEs, consultants

We thank Ms Cai Kaixin for her feedback ("Relook Spring certification criteria"; Dec 6).

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often engage management consultants to help them develop strategies and implement solutions to upgrade.

The Spring-recognised certification requirement announced in July provides SMEs with a benchmark to select and engage management consultants for projects supported by Spring Singapore.

The certifications set the baseline for professional standards and practices for individual management consultants in Singapore.

This would give the assurance that the management consultants can deliver the capability development projects in a professional manner.

Spring will periodically review the status of the certification framework so that in the long term, not only will SMEs benefit from having a ready pool of certified quality management consultants to support them in their business capability upgrading, but consultants can also uplift their professionalism and strengthen their standing in the international market.

SMEs and management consultants who are keen to know more about the Spring-recognised certification programmes can visit www.spring.gov.sg/ consultant-quality or e-mail: contact_CQI@spring.gov.sg

Ms Yeo Meow Ling


Capabilities Development Group

Spring Singapore