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Sharing passion for fitness with the masses

Ms Tricia Sokolovitch doing a rope workout, which involves keeping the ropes moving in continuous tension for a set amount of time.
Ms Tricia Sokolovitch doing a rope workout, which involves keeping the ropes moving in continuous tension for a set amount of time.ST PHOTO: DAVE LIM

Event organiser is a strong advocate for an active lifestyle

Q What is your secret to looking fabulous?

A Exercising and eating healthy.

Q Has there ever been a time when you were not fit and fab?

A Yes, after I gave birth to my daughter four years ago, I did not shed weight quickly and I still looked pregnant for six months after that.

Q What is your diet like?

A Low carb, gluten-free, high protein and good fats work best for me.

Q How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

A Reading a good book, spending time with my daughter, yin yoga and massages. I plan everything in advance and I stick to it.

Q What are the three most important things in your life?

A Family, the gym and a positive mindset.

Q What's your favourite and least favourite part of your body?

A My favourite part are my glutes and my least favourite and most challenging is my abdominal area.

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    Age: 39

    Height: 1.70m

    Weight: 55kg

    Ms Sokolovitch is the founder of FitnessFest,

    a two-day event featuring mass workouts that was held in Singapore over the weekend.

    The Singaporean married Frenchman Alex Sokolovitch, 38, a business director, and took his last name. They have a four-year-old daughter.

    Like her, her husband and sister enjoy an active lifestyle and all three take part in fitness activities together.

Q What are your must-dos before and after a workout?

A Before a workout, I have a protein shake. After a workout, I'll have a protein shake and glucosamine supplements.

Q How important is it for you to keep up with your fitness routine?

A Super important. When I do not exercise, I do not feel good.

Q How has your active lifestyle influenced your family and friends?

A Fitness is an integral part of living healthier, longer and happier lives.

I'm always cajoling my friends and family to work out with me. In fact, I organised FitnessFest 2017 to share my passion for fitness with the masses.

Q How extensive is your collection of sports-related paraphernalia?

A My wardrobe is 80 per cent active wear. They are so comfy.

I also have bands, blocks and foam rollers. My favourite is the gym ball, great for doing core exercises while watching television.

Q Would you go for plastic surgery?

A If it's reconstructive surgery because of an accident, it's okay. A subtle nip and tuck in the future is okay too.

Q Do you think you're sexy?

A Yes!

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