'Rescued' cactus grows into 3 storey-tall giant in Macpherson

The cactus, which was found in the garbage, has now grown three storeys high.
The cactus, which was found in the garbage, has now grown three storeys high.PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO

SINGAPORE - Walk past the right Housing Board block in Macpherson and you will see a towering cactus three storeys high.

The cactus is displayed on the first floor at Block 61, Circuit Road. It was first found discarded in the rubbish bin eight years ago.

Home-grown cacti of this height are rarely seen in Singapore, Lianhe Wanbao reported on Wednesday (Feb 8).

The owner, 53-year-old Di Minyu, told Wanbao that she is the third person to own the cactus.

"Eight years ago, my neighbour came across this discarded cactus in a pile of rubbish, and felt that it was a pity to throw the plant away, so she took it home," she said.

After about three years, she moved the cactus to the back door upon the town council's advice, as the cactus was blocking the walkway.

However, as there was not enough space for the cactus there either, the plant was passed to Ms Di.

Ms Di said she loves planting cacti, and believes they are lucky plants that can bring good luck.

Said Ms Di: "Originally it was only up to my knee, and now it's three storeys high!"

She added that she was worried about what to do with the plant as she plans to move in two years.

"I can't bear to give it away. But if there's no choice, I may cut it in half," she said.

Ms Di said she transferred the cactus to a larger pot when she got it, and waters and fertilises it regularly.

She added that the cactus often flowers.

According to Guiness World Records, the tallest home-grown cactus is 33.5m, or about 12 storeys high.

That cactus was planted in 2002 and is grown in Dharwad, in India's Karnataka state.