Relishing the details that tell the picture


He works in the housekeeping department of a hotel, but 25-year-old Kenneth Lee has a very different ambition for his future. He dreams of opening his own art gallery.

Mr Lee, who has mild autism, loves to sketch. He has been drawing for the past five years.

His sketches of buildings are so detailed, every nook and cranny is captured on his sketch pad. A simple pencil sketch of a city landscape can take him an hour or two, but a completed sketch can take up to a week.

"Drawing is something I like to do," he told The Sunday Times. "Every day, when I have time, I will get my pencils and pens, and sketch something. I like to see all the little details and I feel very satisfied when I see what I have drawn."

His mother, Madam Jennifer Suet, said she is very proud of his art. The 51-year-old runs a maid agency. She and her senior technician husband Chris Lee, 53, have a 22-year-old daughter as well.

Besides architectural landscapes, Mr Lee also sketches people in the style of Japanese anime drawings. He said: "I like watching anime shows, it gives me inspiration."


Has mild autism and loves to sketch. His artwork has been commissioned by various hotels and he dreams of opening his own art gallery one day.

I like to see all the little details and I feel very satisfied when I see what I have drawn.

His sketches also explore the appearance of a body in motion. To get the exact details, Mr Lee does draft sketches of how bones and muscles would appear in motion.

"I often try to think of how to improve my art," said Mr Lee, who watches YouTube videos for different artistic influences.

His art has been commissioned by hotels. A hotel near Beach Road requested a cityscape of buildings that it used in a panel of artwork in its reception area."I haven't been to see it but I imagine I will feel proud when I do eventually go there," Mr Lee said of his black and white sketch.

Sue-Ann Tan

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