Mother of inmate who died while in custody requests for copies of prison documents

The mother of a inmate who died while in custody has made an application to view prison documents regarding her son's death.

Dinesh Raman Chinnaiah's mother, Madam Selvi Narayanasamy, who is represented by lawyer M Ravi, is requesting copies of three categories of documents. These include all available prison surveillance footage capturing the events leading up to his death on Sept 27, 2010, from the time he left his cell till he was sent to Changi General Hospital in an ambulance.

In her application, Madam Selvi said she believed such footage existed, following a news release by the Singapore Prison Service from 2004 stating that Cluster A of the Changi Prison Complex - where Dinesh was housed - was "equipped with state-of-the-art security and monitoring technology".

Madam Selvi is also asking for the Prison Service Handbook used during the training of prison service officers in the application of pepper spray and copies of the handbooks from the prison service in the United Kingdom about the execution of joint locks. The Singapore's Prison Service allegedly adapted this practise for their own use.

Dinesh was said to have attacked a prison officer. He was then subdued with pepper spray and restrained. He later died of breathing problems after he was placed chest down and left in an isolation cell.