Looking back at National Day Parades on the Floating Platform at Marina Bay

Pyrotechinics at NDP 2007. -- ST FILE PHOTO: ASHLEIGH SIM
Pyrotechinics at NDP 2007. -- ST FILE PHOTO: ASHLEIGH SIM

The first National Day Parade to be held at the floating platform was in 2007. The floating platform, which can seat about 27,000, was intended as a stop-gap measure since the National Stadium, the venue for the National Day Parade, was torn down in 2007.

It was envisioned that the venue would host the NDP for just three years. But it has been the venue for every NDP, except 2010 when the parade was held at the Padang, since 2007. The chance to see the first NDP on water drew nearly 470,000 applications for just 54,000 tickets. It was the second highest number of applications since 2003 and inspired touts to hawk tickets online for as much as $250 each.

We look back at the NDPs held on the water since that first one in 2007. Write in and tell us which was your favourite.