Jetstar Asia deploys roving check-in agents to ease queues, to offer more meal options

Jetstar Asia has deployed roving check-in agents to help ease queues.ST VIDEO: KARAMJIT KAUR
Jetstar Asia has deployed roving check-in agents (left) with iPads and portable printers, to help ease queues.
Jetstar Asia has deployed roving check-in agents (left) with iPads and portable printers, to help ease queues.ST PHOTO: KARAMJIT KAUR

SINGAPORE - At Changi Airport Terminal 1, Jetstar Asia has deployed roving check-in agents with iPads and portable printers, to help ease queues.

The first to offer such a service, the initiative allows staff to step away from the traditional counters to service passengers from any location at any time.

For a start, the system is able to process payments for excess baggage or extra baggage for example, and assist customers with document checks.

Customers can use a credit card to pay for transactions and a receipt can be printed with the mobile printer and issued to the passenger as proof of purchase.

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Max Airport - as the technology is referred to - is also able to reflect the flight manifest and the check-in status of all passengers

In the following months, other functions including check-in, sales of extra leg-room, inflight meals, duty-free and support for flight disruptions will be introduced, Jetstar Asia said on Tuesday (July 11) during a media preview.

"The Max Airport service is yet another opportunity for Jetstar Asia to support our customers on the ground and to engage with them directly" said the airline's chief executive officer, Bara Pasupathi.

"Customer engagement is as important as customer satisfaction and we are confident that the new service will be a hit with travellers who may need further assistance with their bags and bookings" he said.

Jetstar, one of the early supporters of Changi's move towards automation and self-service passenger processes, has had good success with its initiatives, Mr Pasupathi said.

Seven in 10 of its customers in Singapore have used its self-service check-in and bag-tagging services - a 10 per cent increase every year since 2013.

Since May, the airline, together with other carriers within the Jetstar group - Australia-based Jetstar Airways and Vietnam's Jetstar Pacific - has moved to new check-in rows, as part of T1's upgrading.

As part of the move, customers can now access 30 brand new self-service check-in kiosks and 20 automated bag drops.

In the air, improvements will also be made to meal options, the airline said.

In a new tie-up with ground handler Sats - effective August 1 - the airline will offer new options like chicken rice, black pepper chicken, coconut rice with sambal chicken and chicken rendang.

"With more than four million passengers flying with Jetstar Asia every year, the in-flight products are an important element in managing customer satisfaction" Mr Pasupathi said.

Sats is happy to partner the carrier to offer passengers not only more meal options but also more varieties, for example during festivals, said the firm's president and chief executive officer, Alex Hungate.