Government focused on Our Singapore Conversation: PM Lee

New York: The Government is putting its attention on the national conversation as it begins its second phase this month and hopes to start to make some moves by August, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Over the next few months, Singaporeans and the Government will "deep dive" into specific issues regarding healthcare, housing, education, and old age, he said, echoing the words of Education Minister Heng Swee Keat who is leading the Our Singapore Conversation (OSC).

"If we can focus on the OSC and develop the consequences of the issues that we are discussing there, I think those will be very significant moves," said PM Lee to media as he ended a four day trip in the United States.

The Government will look at these broad areas to see where a fundamental rethink might be needed "in this new phase, with slower growth, with more unequal incomes, with a more aging society, with greater need for social services, and greater importance of maintaining social mobility and enabling people to move up and do well".

"Not just policy changes, but changes in our philosophy, in our approach, in the way we define the compact, the balance between the individual and the society, between what the person does, and what is the state's responsibility," he said.

A major review of healthcare financing is taking place, while changes to housing and education policy are also being considered. Mr Lee said these reviews give an idea of the changes the Government is thinking about.

"We need to gear ourselves up for the next phase of development, for the next phase of our society. How can I not only address the problems which arise, but how can I take advantage of all the opportunities that are opening up around us?" he said.