Foreign worker levies up by $50 to $160 per head on average by 2015

Monthly foreign worker levies will rise by $50 to $160 a head, on average by 2015, depending on industry and type of work pass required. The lower the proportion of foreign workers in a firm, the lower the levies.

Levies will rise least for work permit holders in the manufacturing sector, by about $50 a head on average. They will rise more in the services industry, by $90 on average, and in construction, by $160 on average.

By 2015, the levy for an unskilled work permit holder in construction will be $1,050 a month, if the firm has exceeded its man-year entitlement. And for S-Pass holders, they will rise about $90 on average. All the rises will occur in two stages, once on July 1, 2014 and again a year later.

The Manpower Ministry released details of the levy increases on Tuesday, a day after they were announced in the Budget statement.

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