Elder care centres remain vigilant against haze despite improved air quality

Elderly care centres here will continue to stay vigilant against the haze, despite PSI levels dropping into the good range of under 50 since Monday.

Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Transport Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim on Thursday observed measures put in place at NTUC Eldercare's Silver Circle centre in Dakota to keep the haze at bay, should it return.

For instance, since PSI levels began climbing mid last month, staff have introduced more portable fans, and been ensuring that their about 40 elderly clients are hydrated every two hours. Seniors have also been taking part in more passive activities such as sit-down group games to protect them from over exertion.

When the haze hit hazardous levels last month, staff closed windows and brought them into air-conditioned rooms for refuge.

Dr Faishal said that he was "reassured" by what he had seen. "A few seniors I spoke to actually could continue their activities even when the (PSI) level was high. This shows how we, as a society, can adapt to situations that affect our country."

He encouraged government agencies and Singaporeans to continue to work together against the haze as well as other potential crises that may face the country in future.