Two youths arrested for posing as police officers

Police arrested two youths aged 15 and 16 for posing as police officers and demanding victims to surrender their handphones and ez-link cards to them.

In a statement on Wednesday, police said it received a report from two students last Tuesday that they were approached by the duo who identified themselves as police officers at St George's Road. The suspects told them to surrender their mobile phones and ez-link cards and wait while they returned to their vehicle. The "officers" did not return after that.

The suspects were arrested subsequently on Tuesday, April 8 at Henderson Road and Ang Mo Kio Ave 5.

Both are expected to appear in court on Thursday and may be charged with the offence of cheating by personation which carries a punishment of imprisonment for a term which may extend to 5 years, or with fine, or with both, the police said in a statement.

Commander of Central Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Daniel Tan reminded the public to be vigilant and wary of people who pose as police officcers. If in doubt, they should request to see the police officer's warrant card to verify his identity before complying with his instructions.

A genuine warrant card will have identification features such as the police crest, the photo of the officer, his name and NRIC number. If they are still unsure of the person's credibility, they should call 999 for assistance. More information on how to verify the authenticity of a police officer is available at