Mirror in Jewel Changi store fell on toddler when boy stepped out from behind it

The family of the toddler were on holiday from China when the tragedy took place at the Urban Revivo store on Aug 23, 2019.
The family of the toddler were on holiday from China when the tragedy took place at the Urban Revivo store on Aug 23, 2019.PHOTOS: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS, LIANHE WANBAO, URBAN REVIVO/FACEBOOK

Store in Jewel has removed all free-standing mirrors from premises, following kid's death

Two six-year-old boys were playing near a free-standing mirror inside a boutique at Jewel Changi Airport when one of them stepped out from behind it.

The mirror, almost 2m tall and weighing over 100kg, fell on one of the boys' baby sister causing her death on Aug 23 last year.

One-year-old Lai Jiaxin, a Chinese national, was rushed to Changi General Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 2.35pm that day.

During an inquiry into Jiaxin's death yesterday, investigation officer Sarah Habibah told State Coroner Kamala Ponnampalam that the child died of a head injury.

Inspector Sarah also said that the police do not suspect any foul play behind the tragedy, and that it was a misadventure.

The court heard that Jiaxin had arrived in Singapore from China on Aug 19 last year with seven other people, including her 29-year-old mother, maternal grandmother, 50, and older brother.

The other four were her mother's friend and that woman's family, that is, her two children - a one-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy - and her mother.

After spending time in Singapore, all eight went to Changi Airport four days later to catch their 3pm flight home.

While there, they went to the Urban Revivo clothing store on the second storey of Jewel Changi Airport around 12.30pm.

Footage from an in-store camera played in court yesterday showed the two boys running around the store with the two grandmothers keeping an eye on the children.

Jiaxin was seen toddling near the boys while the children's mothers were trying out clothes at another part of the store.


The two boys then went behind the mirror and the little girl's brother stepped out soon after.

The other six-year-old boy did likewise when the mirror fell over and crushed Jiaxin.

Her grandmother shouted for help, alerting Jiaxin's mother who rushed forward and saw her daughter pinned under the mirror.

Three people, including the store's staff, managed to free the little girl who was bleeding from her mouth and nose.

She was rushed to hospital and was later pronounced dead.

Inspector Sarah told the court yesterday that, following this tragedy, the store has removed all free-standing mirrors from its premises.

The store's mirrors are now secured to the floor with screws and glue, she added.


Jiaxin was cremated at Mandai Crematorium on Aug 25 last year.

Her family members were not in court yesterday.

State Coroner Kamala said that she will be giving her findings on April 15.

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