Man gets 15 months for molesting nine-year-old girl

Ang Yeow Thiam admitted to touching the girl at his flat in Jurong on Sept 7, 2016.
Ang Yeow Thiam admitted to touching the girl at his flat in Jurong on Sept 7, 2016. ST GRAPHICS

SINGAPORE - A cleaner and dishwasher grabbed and carried a nine-year-old girl into his flat where he molested her.

Ang Yeow Thiam, 30, who has low intellect, was sentenced to 15 months' jail on Wednesday (July 26) after he admitted to touching the girl at his flat in Jurong on Sept 7, 2016.

A second charge of abducting the girl along the corridor of the HDB block was considered during his sentencing.

The court heard that the victim was on the way to visit a friend when she saw Ang standing outside his home and talking on the phone. She had seen him before while playing with friends in the neighbourhood.

He hung up on seeing the victim. She wanted to run away as she found him "disgusting'' but he was too fast for her, said Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Gail Wong.

Ang grabbed her in a hugging motion and lifted her off the floor. She shouted at Ang to let her go but he told her to keep quiet as he did not want other people to hear her.

She tried to hit him but could not as he was hugging her. He asked if she wanted to play with water but she lied that she could not as she had flu.

She was terrified that he would carry her into the toilet.

At the flat, he asked if she wanted water but she declined. He asked if he could touch her private part but she did not reply.

He then molested her. The victim, who felt very scared, immediately put on her slippers and ran out of his flat, shouting.

She told her friend what Ang had done to her. Her friend accompanied her home.

Subsequently, the victim saw a 45-year-old man smoking outside his home and told him about the molestation. She was crying by this time.

Ang was later arrested after the informant called the police.

An Institute of Mental Health report stated that Ang has mild intellectual disability but was not of unsound mind at the material time.

In 2009, Ang was jailed for nine months for rape.

DPP Wong sought a sentence of 15 months and three strokes of the cane, but Ang's pro bono lawyer Cheryl Ng asked that caning not be imposed.

Ms Ng said Ang, whose parents are divorced, appeared to have committed the offence because of the recent death of his father, whom he had lived with since he was 12.

She said her client's mother, who has remarried, has arranged a rental flat for him near her home.

District Judge Ng Peng Hong felt that this case did not warrant the imposition of caning because of the circumstances and having considered the private psychologist's report.

Ang, whose sentence was backdated to Sept 8, could have been jailed for up to five years, fined, caned or received any combined sentence for molesting a person under 14 years old.