Home in focus: Celebrating love and life through pixels

Photographer hopes his project will create fond memories for families stuck at home

The very first portrait Mr Nicky Loh photographed was of his grandmother, as part of his final-year photojournalism project in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She had dementia and he wanted to remember the way she looked before she faded away.

"My motto has always been about documenting things that will go away. I enjoy telling stories through visuals," said the 38-year-old.

The commercial photographer and film director began his career as a photojournalist at Reuters, which shaped how he takes photographs with emotional intimacy.

Covering the Sichuan earthquake in 2008 for 11/2 months was tiring, but memorable, he said.

If not for the coronavirus pandemic, he would continue with his advertising work and film projects.

Mr Loh has photographed American actress Gwyneth Paltrow at the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands for British Airways and shot a Nike campaign in Thailand. His first magazine cover was of local actor Lim Kay Tong holding a durian and chopper for Esquire magazine.

When the circuit breaker started on April 7, and people were strongly advised to stay at home and avoid going out unnecessarily, Mr Loh was inspired to start The Family Portrait Project. He wanted to give people a family photograph as a special memory during the circuit breaker, to make them happy.

“Despite being under the same roof, most of us don’t think of taking a photo together. So I thought that the circumstances are the perfect situation for family photos, because we’re all stuck (at home).”

He reached out to friends and mutual contacts, and arranged to shoot their portraits through video calls on chat apps Zoom and Whats- App. Since April 28, he has photographed over 100 families.

One of them is Mr Khairizal Azman, 38, an operations supervisor for carparks and facilities, and his mother, Madam Rosmini Sulong, 58, a support services assistant at Jamiyah Home for the Aged.

Mr Khairizal’s father died on May 19, just five days before Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Mr Khairizal, whose photo shoot was on Hari Raya, said: “It has been quite a trying experience with Covid-19. It makes us step back and pause, while we evaluate everything in our lives and how we are going to move forward post-circuit breaker.


Choosing to use my camera to shoot the video chat screen on my phone to amplify the pixels was an important medium for this project. The pixels remind us that we are still fragmented, even though we are connected. We should rise above our daily rush, slow things down and see clearly that in the end - family, kindness and love is more important than anything else.

MR NICKY LOH, on the amplified pixels being an important medium in his project.

“My mother lost her wonderful husband and we lost a wonderful dad before Raya, and it was the main catalyst for us to be part of the photo project.

“The photo is a reminder that despite the roller coaster of emotions that we are all feeling, we – as a family – have got each other’s back.”

For Mr Loh, who is married and has a two-year-old son, the amount of time spent with family is a silver lining during the circuit breaker.

He was diagnosed with stage 2 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma last October. Busy with work, he did not recognise the early signs – itchy skin, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats and weight loss.

Half of his face was swollen, caused by the obstruction of blood to the brain. The doctor said he would most likely have died in 30 days if he had not sought immediate treatment to reduce the tumour.

Mr Loh underwent six sessions of chemotherapy before he got an all-clear from his doctor on March 24. He said: “Despite the very gloomy situation right now, I think now is a very good time to relax and recharge, and think about your priorities in life.

“Think about what you love doing. Treasure the people around you right now – because now is the best time.”

Mr John Chua Liat Khiang, 76, and Madam Teresa Ng Swee Tiang, 75

NICKY LOH (NL): "This sweet couple had texted me beforehand that they were preparing something special for me and when I called, I was pleasantly surprised to see them decked out in a In The Mood For Love theme. I told them about Maggie Cheung lying down on Tony Leung's lap and they said, 'Let's do it'."

Mr Khairizal Azman, 38, and his mother Madam Rosmini Sulong, 58

NL: "Khairizal had texted me before the shoot to say that this would be a special Hari Raya family portrait because this would be the first time they would be spending the occasion without his father who had passed away five days before the photo shoot.

It's heartfelt stories like this that make the project more meaningful."

Ms Sharmaine Goh, 24, and Madam June Goh, 40

NL: "This mother-and-daughter pair have been stuck in Phuket, Thailand, since the beginning of the circuit breaker, and I thought it would be funny to pose them similarly - looking bored and hapless."

(From left) Connor Chew, 10, Jaime Chew, 14, Mrs Chew Lu-min, 48, and Mr Chris Chew, 53

NL: "This family was in the middle of a mahjong session when I video called them, and it was particularly funny because I had told them to carry on with their game."

Madam Patricia Ng, 49, and Marleen Toh, 12, with their cat Mimi, five

NL: "Mimi the cat took me by surprise when she appeared out of nowhere on the screen because she thought that there was food. The moment was both hilarious and terrifying."

Mr Sheesh Razi, 36, and Madam Siti Suhailah Mustapah, 33

NL: "This was my first time meeting and photographing the two, but I had spent some time chatting with them to get them comfortable and into this lovely moment that I thought showed the love between them so well."

(From left) Aaryan Rayyan Renga, nine, Arsyaan Rayhan Renga, six, Madam Sophina Smith, 38, Mr Renga Vellasamy, 39, and Adryaan Razaan Renga, four.

NL: "I recently reconnected with Sophina, a polytechnic mate of mine, during this circuit breaker. She's the owner of local butchery, The Meatery, and I wanted to get some good cuts of meat to cook. When I approached her for this project, she immediately said yes and it was nice reconnecting with her again."

(From left) Mr Ryan Markwart, 42, Cooper Markwart, eight, Brannan Markwart, 11, Madam Sarah Kapitza, 46, with their dog Peju, an irish setter

NL: "Sarah and her family are expats who are stuck in Singapore due to the circuit breaker. I loved their energy coming into the shoot. From their interaction and expressions, you could really tell that they were enjoying time together so hopefully this photograph helps them remember that moment."

Mr Norfaiz Noeryamin, 34, and Ms Faraliza Tan, 33

NL: "This couple have been living in their partially renovated flat in Tampines since the start of the circuit breaker. The renovations could not be completed because home renovations have to be suspended during this period."

Ms Wan Norsafarina (centre), 41, and her daughters (from left) Arfah Nur Bahirah, nine, Amal Nur Bussaina, three, Alya Nur Batrisyia, 16, and Anggun Nur Basyirah, 13.

NL: "Hari Raya Aidilfitri was particularly special this year because of the no-visiting rule during the circuit breaker. This family later told me they were very excited to be given this photo opportunity and that it made their day special."

Ms Jasmine Tham, 35, and Mr Alvin Tang, 39, with their chinchilla Mika, two, and dog Tiger, 12

NL: "Jasmine and Alvin are two of my dearest friends who always say their house is like a petting zoo. So we decided to feature some of their pets in the photo."

Mr Louis Kwok, 38, and Ms Adelene Koh, 37

NL: "These two are brilliant, dedicated craftsmen who work from their home workshop. Louis a woodworker and Adelene is a bookbinder. Their love for cats is undeniable - see if you can spot their four adopted cats."

(From left) Tamimi Pohan, 15; Mr Muliadi Pohan, 50; Madam Sarina Siregar, 50; Ms Tiurma Pohan, 19; Ms Dwi Lestari, 30 who cares for Tamimi, and Madam Aminah, 87

NL: "I wanted to photograph Tamimi and his family to highlight his brittle bone disease, and to raise awareness of his plight and the family's fund-raising efforts. Tamimi has had more than 70 fractures since birth. To prevent his condition from getting worse with more fractures, he has to be ferried to and from school by a London cab since 2018, which is costly."

Mr Woon Chen Keong, 47, and Madam Ang Yik Pin, 61

NL: "I never used to call my mum and stepdad often until the circuit breaker happened - that was the silver lining that brought us closer. I know she misses me a lot so I try my best to call her and she can see her grandson. This photo is so important to me."

Mr Yann Francois Rene Cloitre, 41, Ms Rei Chen, 39, and their five-month-old baby Keenan Francois William Cloitre

NL: "Yann and Rei are a lovely couple who had their baby in the early part of the Covid-19 outbreak, which I'm sure made them very worried since this is their first baby. With the circuit breaker, Yann has had more time to assist Rei in looking after the baby, which to me is another silver lining of the circuit breaker - being to be able to be there for our loved ones more."

The Cai family are separated by distance but never really apart. Siblings Cai Yinshuang, 27, and Cai Yinzhou, 30, (in middle photo) are home alone during the circuit breaker as their parents Chua Thow Chiang, 63, and Low Siew Noi, 63, (in far left photo) are doing volunteer work in Central Asia, while sister Cai Yinhong (right), 32, is staying in her school hostel.

NL: "Yinzhou is the charismatic head of volunteer group Covid-19 Migrant Support Coalition. I had volunteered with the group and despite working with Yinzhou, I never knew much about his personal life until this photo shoot happened and I got to meet his family. As he says, 'This circuit breaker has made us realise how empty the home can be without family'."

The Hynds. (From left) Kapai, 8, Kevin, 49, Monica, 41, Tawa (front), 4, and TJ, 10.

NL: "Monica is a friend of mine and she's always been active about posting photos of her lovely family. The photo arrangement seemed pretty standard so I asked if Tawa was game to just lie down like a plank across the whole family since he was the smallest."

(From left) Ms Ava Soh, Mr Calvin Soh, Mrs Arlette Tan Soh, and Dylan Soh. 

NL: "Calvin answered the call in his bathrobe saying there’s nothing underneath. Of course I knew he was kidding. The whole family photo speaks so much of their individual creative personalities. Mom and dad were once super high ranking advertising creatives now pursuing their own passions. The son Dylan, 17, is trying to get a Kickstarter going for lego blocks Hydrohphonics technology so we can be sustainable and grow our own vegetables. The daughter Ava 13, is the director and designer of the jewellery brand DOTR, inspired by the designs of the Peranakan love letter press."

(From left) Mr Laurent Pastorelli, Emma Phan Pastorelli, Madam Karen Phan, Olivier Phan Pastorelli. 

NL: "Laurent and Karen are the loveliest couple I know and I remember them particular well because I'm Hainanese like Karen and Laurent is a work buddy. Their kids had trouble smiling for the camera but when Emma stood in front and blocked her dad, I knew that was the moment I got my tongue-in-cheek photo."

(From left) Mr Vik Nathan, Mrs Melissa Nathan, Arya, and Arja.

NL: "Melissa is a polytechnic mate whom I haven't met since we left school 18 years ago. In a way, this project helped me reconnect with a lot of old friends. I arranged them according to height because it made an interesting symmetry."

(From left) Julia Goh, 4, Ms Hong Mei Yin, 36, Mr John Goh, 41, their cat Zim Goh, 12, and Janet Goh, 7. 

NL: "I love how Zim Goh the cat looks unnaturally long in this photo and almost as tall as John’s children."

Elyn (left), 44, and Paul, 62.

NL: "I had met Elyn once during a magazine editorial shoot for Singapore's Women's Weekly as she was the designer for the local brand Stolen. When I called her and saw that she had dressed up exquisitely, I told her I wanted this photo to look like it could appear on the centrefold of a magazine."

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