Saturday, Aug 30, 2014Saturday, Aug 30, 2014
IN A bid to nurse ailing Malaysia Airlines (MAS) back to financial health, 6,000 jobs will be slashed, unprofitable routes cut and legislation drafted to help break existing deals under a major revamp announced yesterday.

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PAY hikes of about 5 per cent have been made this month for thousands of mid-level civil servants to ensure that their salaries are comparable to those in the private sector.
BANK loans may have lower interest rates than Housing Board loans at the moment, but the fear that rates may rise has prompted more flat buyers to opt for the board's fixed concessionary loans.
ON MONDAY, 1.15 million people will be able to pay less at some GP and dental clinics, as subsidies kick in for 300,000 pioneer generation members.


ONE in three youth here think it is perfectly all right to go for cosmetic procedures at their age - with 14 out of the 1,400 surveyed admitting that they have already undergone such treatment.
PATIENTS at Changi General Hospital (CGH) with many medical conditions will have it easier when CGH opens a new one-stop medical centre in 2017.
OPPOSITION figure Nicole Seah has resigned from the National Solidarity Party (NSP), a decision which she said was "extremely difficult and painful to make".


RETIRED security guard David Yu, 70, can barely get by on a HK$2,500 (S$400) handout each month. With no savings or children, the widower has to depend on the government for help.
BEIJING - China's efforts to protect its submarine gateway to the South China Sea could broaden from stand-offs with US military planes to announcing an air defence identification zone (ADIZ), according to two retired army officers.
TOKYO - Japan's defence planners are seeking their biggest budget ever for the coming fiscal year to pay for stealth fighters, drones and a high-tech submarine, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe bolsters the military amid an intensifying rivalry with China.


BRUSSELS - Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen has urged Russia to halt its "illegal" military actions in Ukraine, accusing it of a "dangerous" attempt to destabilise its western neighbour, a claim repeatedly denied by Moscow.
TROITSKO-KHARTSISK (Ukraine) - Sitting beside a trench, the smoke of nearby combat visible, "Batya" looks towards the besieged town of Ilovaysk and considers the options of pro-Kiev fighters there battling for survival.
HELSINKI - Finland's government said its fighter jets were ready to intercept foreign aircraft after Russian planes repeatedly violated the northernmost euro member's airspace.


DEVELOPMENT charges - the rates developers pay the Government to enhance land use - have fallen for the first time in almost 18 months for residential sites earmarked for non-landed homes such as condominiums.
DEVELOPER United Engineers (UE) may continue its divestment strategy by offloading its engineering and construction arm, say some analysts.
Property developer UOL yesterday launched a mobile showroom for its Riverbank@Fernvale project.


Looking for Dr Easaw Thomas' house feels like playing a game of hide-and-seek. The 26,000 sq ft compound in Wilby Road is more green than concrete, with hundreds of shrubs, flowering plants and fruit trees around the property in Bukit Timah.
Retired architect Tan Wee Lee, 80, enjoys nothing more than sitting in the verandah of his semi-detached house in Watten Heights, gazing at the greenery around him with a cup of Chinese tea in hand.
Nightclub Zouk has confirmed 10 DJ acts for this year's outdoor rave-fest ZoukOut, including English trance trio Above And Beyond and Dutch DJ Nicky Romero, who is ranked No. 7 in DJ Magazine's most recent annual Top 100 DJs poll. The full line-up will be announced in the weeks to come.


NO DEGREE, no problem. Try telling that to corporate communications manager Vivien Tan. The 39-year-old had thought along those lines 23 years ago when, after her O levels, she chose to go to a polytechnic instead of a junior college and university like most of her classmates did, despite her 11-point aggregate.
LEARN-AS-YOU-WORK programmes are all well and good to boost employability, but it is an uphill task to alter people's entrenched mindset of "frontloading" education in order to get them to join the workforce earlier.
FOR the longest time, white-collar workers have been held in high regard in the workplace. They are paid more handsomely than their blue-collar counterparts, for a start.


CHINESE President Xi Jinping's new leadership has appeared radically different from his predecessors'. Nowhere is it so markedly distinctive as in his determination to fight China's widespread corruption.
THE promise made by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally speech earlier this month, that the public service could and would do more to support the aspirations of non-graduates, is taking shape. The Public Service Division (PSD) has announced that management support officers - most non-graduates in the civil service are hired under the management support scheme - who perform well and are able to take on larger responsibilities could expect faster career progression.
THERE are some things that youth should not be exposed to, too early in life - smoking, drinking and cosmetic procedures are among them.

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WE REFER to the recent letters on the Municipal Services Office (MSO) and appreciate the feedback and interest shown.
DR QUEK Koh Choon ("Emphasise ethics in health care"; Aug 15) and Mr Alfred Wong Kwok Wai ("Prevent abuse of subsidy scheme"; Aug 16) raised the concern that some clinics on the Community Health Assist Scheme might mark up their charges for patients claiming Chas subsidies.
I READ with dismay that SMRT faces possible sanctions for permitting Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) to charter its trains to transport students to a rugby match ("SMRT faces sanctions for allowing private use of trains"; Wednesday).


THERE is about 50km between Turf Moor and Old Trafford. But there is only one point separating Burnley and Manchester United in the Premier League standings.
LONDON - Despite a dour start at Old Trafford, Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has made qualifying for next season's Champions League the aim of his maiden campaign.
LONDON - John Terry has warned his team-mates that two former Chelsea stars will be determined to get revenge on Jose Mourinho at Everton today.