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Suzhou Industrial Park's former chief executive officer Bai Guizhi, a Chinese national, has been investigated for graft, in the most serious scandal to hit the first bilateral project between China and Singapore.


Couples involved in bitter break-ups are increasingly resorting to illegal snooping to obtain incriminating information against their spouses, lawyers say.
Several government agencies have come together to deal more effectively with the growing problem of elderly people who clutter their flats with numerous items they hoard.
A nurse who filed for divorce was shocked when her technician husband filed a counter claim accusing her of having an affair.


With the listing of China's e-commerce giant Alibaba on the New York Stock Exchange, the buzz around tech stocks is back. Sunday Invest looks at popular stocks like Apple, Google and, closer to home, Singapore tech stocks that investors can explore.
It was a nervous week for investors worldwide as they kept a close watch on the United States Federal Reserve's regular meeting on monetary policy.
Earning her keep has always been high on Ms Felicia Phan’s agenda – even when she was in primary school. Back then, her parents told her she was too young to work and to focus on her studies instead, but not much holds her back now.


Ms Laura D'agostino, 26, is a busy New York City professional who has no time for a relationship. The broadcast associate with a bachelor's degree in communications works from 6pm to 4am five days a week, and commutes from New Jersey to New York City every day.
Social enterprises, which have dual social and business goals, have attracted some attention lately. Critics note that some businesses with a superficial social role claim the label cynically for marketing purposes or to attract funding.
If someone were to ask me to sum up Singapore in one picture, I would show them the taxi rate chart. I feel there is no better symbol of the nation than that swirling soup of numbers. It captures the beautiful madness of the Singapore style of behaviour modification.


Ms Mabel Ng has been to Japan eight times since her first visit in 2008 and she cannot get enough of it. Even though she whizzed around Hokkaido on a self-drive tour in June with her husband, Mr Teh Chee Siong, 40, the 39-year-old watch retail director will return in November, this time paying her first visit to sites in central Japan.
A portable dialysis machine. A robotic fish that devours mosquito larvae. An anti-bacterial solution used in contact lenses and pet shampoo. What do these three things have in common? Answer: They are all brainwaves of Singaporeans.
When operations manager Jane Oei first mounted a Segway three days ago, she was a bundle of nerves. "I've fallen off a bicycle before, so I was definitely nervous balancing on something with two wheels," the 34-year-old Hong Konger admitted.


Just two words uttered over the Mercedes team radio yesterday gave Singapore a first-hand account of just how acrimonious the relationship between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton has become.
For those who want to know what the height of power is in Formula One, the answer is 1.59m. And Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One Management CEO and president, now has a radical idea to spruce up the sport - to structure a calendar around just eight teams racing three cars each.
In a sport where fame can be as fleeting as an overtaking manoeuvre, Sebastian Vettel finds himself on the fast track to relative obscurity.