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INCIDENTS of road rage are on the decline in Singapore, according to the latest police statistics obtained by The Straits Times.

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MORE firms are getting background screening specialists to check the personal and employment history of short-term staff.
THE days of reservist soldiers spending countless hours installing and dismantling communications equipment for training exercises look set to be over. They are also not likely to be saddled with washing armoured vehicles.
TERRITORIAL disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea are fuelling a build-up in submarine fleets that can spark more frequent armed clashes in the already volatile waters, according to a US-based think-tank.


WHEN lawyer Sue-Ann Phay was planning her wedding a few months ago, she imagined having cupcakes, macarons and other sweet treats at a decorated booth at her reception.
TWO cars that were in the showroom of a dealer which allegedly cheated car buyers of more than $3 million have surfaced at another dealership in Sin Ming Road.
A MURAL of 200 art submissions by the public adorns the hoarding around Jewel, the upcoming retail and airport complex at Changi Airport.


TOKYO - The cleanup of Japan's devastated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant crossed an important milestone when the plant's operator announced it had safely removed the radioactive fuel from the most vulnerable of the four heavily damaged reactor buildings.
SEOUL - Seoul prosecutors have launched an investigation into a leak of non-critical data at South Korea's nuclear power operator, as worries mount over nuclear safety and potential cyber attacks from North Korea.
BEIJING - Christmas, once banned in China, has become a major event in recent years, as marketers ply shoppers with a bevy of Yuletide gimmicks, including saxophones, Smurfs and steam trains.


AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Tony Abbott has overhauled his Cabinet to try to "reset" his government, boost the economy and reverse his deep unpopularity.
SYDNEY - The last remaining children held at an offshore detention centre for asylum-seekers have been transferred to the Australian mainland, the government said yesterday, as part of a deal to gain legislative support for a tougher immigration law.
HAVANA - Being a head shorter and five years younger than his brother and Cuban revolutionary Fidel, Mr Raul Castro had always toiled in the former president's shadow.


COMPANIES have ramped up their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities over the years, but the concept still eludes many firms, advocates say.
THE boat ride to Pulau Ayer Chawan was not much of a trip as sea voyages go, but it has proved the journey of a lifetime for engineer turned executive Gan Seow Kee.
FUND management services firm State Street Corp has appointed Mr Seck Wai Kwong to its global management committee.


Mr Kenny Chan, store and merchandising director of Books Kinokuniya, insists that he is not a geek.
New York - It sounds like the usual set-up for a knock- knock joke: Who is the best-selling author on all of this holiday season? Rob Elliott.
Los Angeles - Six European, two Latin American and one African film have made the shortlist for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, announced in Los Angeles last Friday.


SOON after the upcoming year-end festivities are over, activists from People's Action Party (PAP) branches and opposition parties plan to resume constituency walkabouts and house visits in earnest.


IT WAS almost exactly five years ago that the euro financial panic which threatened to tear Europe apart erupted in Greece. So there is an element of ironic symmetry in the fact that the year ends for Europe's currency with another Greek political crisis.
THE terrorist outrage in Pakistan and the siege crisis in Sydney reveal dimensions of the terror threat that are dangerously relevant to Singapore. The Taleban mass assassins who attacked a school in Peshawar, massacring children with almost biological hatred, show the savage depths to which terrorists are prepared to sink in support of their repellent "cause".
ON THE first day of the autumn semester, I left campus from an afternoon of teaching anxious college freshmen and headed to my second job, serving at a chain restaurant off Las Vegas Boulevard. The switch from my professional attire to a white dress shirt, black apron and tie reflected the separation I attempt to maintain between my two jobs. Naturally, sitting at the first table in my section was one of my new students, dining with her parents.

Forum Letters

I AGREE with Associate Professor Tan Seow Hon that the 24-week time limit for abortion should be reviewed ("Parsing the 24-week rule for abortions", last Thursday).
WE THANK Mr Jolly Wee for highlighting the importance of fire safety ("Introduce fire safety measures at all shophouses"; Dec 11).
IT IS heartening to note that the Government of Singapore has come forward in a big way, at the request of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, to lend a hand to the state's government in its endeavour to build a new capital ("A Singapore in the heart of India"; Dec 10).


LONDON - Jose Mourinho has launched a fierce attack on the football authorities, saying panels set up to punish players for offences are "a disaster" and "only favour the ones who always have the favours".
MARRAKECH - Real Madrid won the Club World Cup for the first time by beating San Lorenzo 2-0 on Saturday with goals from Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale after being forced into a scrap by the feisty South Americans.
Sunderland goalkeeper Costel Pantilimon saving a shot from Newcastle United's Ryan Taylor to set the stage for the Black Cats' last-gasp 1-0 English Premier League win at St James' Park.