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INDONESIA'S Parliament unanimously agreed to ratify the Asean Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution, in a move officials hailed as a new chapter in the country's efforts to take a stronger lead in tackling an annual problem that has irked residents in affected areas and neighbouring countries.

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SCOOT, Singapore Airlines' long-haul budget carrier, has opened its books for the first time and the picture is not pretty. It revealed losses of more than $25 million in less than two years.
BEIJING - A powerful typhoon slammed into southern China yesterday, swamping ships, grounding flights and forcing thousands - many of them still recovering from a previous storm - to leave home.
CHINA and Asean should maintain the momentum of their regional integration and not let disputes overshadow the positives of their growing relationship, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday.


A FRESH coat of paint usually brings cheer, but a splash of colour on Bishan's beloved red-brick flats has upset some people instead.
GETTING a new mobile phone and already have a cupboard-full of old ones?
TWO local travel agencies have distanced themselves from former Chinese tour guide Yang Yin, who is caught up in a bitter dispute over the assets of an 87-year-old widow here.


THE deputy president of Malaysia's Islamic party has warned party chiefs against allying themselves with arch rivals Umno, saying he would "slap away" the hands that tried to do so.
Villagers affected by flooding being evacuated on an Indian Air Force aircraft from Srinagar in Kashmir. Both the Indian and Pakistani sides of the Himalayan region have seen extensive flooding this month with Srinagar particularly hard-hit.
Air passengers turn on VIPs


KIEV - The Ukrainian and European Parliaments yesterday simultaneously ratified a landmark pact at the heart of the ex-Soviet country's bloodiest crisis since independence.
DABAI - Two powerful Al-Qaeda branches have urged warring militant factions in Iraq and Syria to stop fighting each other and unite against the common threat from a United States-led coalition.
MANY countries said they support a coalition the United States hopes to build to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants but most have been vague about any specific role they might play.


THE plight of asset-rich but cash-poor Singaporeans has revived talk that reverse mortgages could prove a solution for some people.
HOME sales here may be waning but local banks should be shielded from the worst effects of a property market decline, according to a brokerage report released yesterday.
YOU have seen Magneto in the movies, but would you pay $900 for your own collectible figurine of the comic book character?


With her starring role in the award-hogging sitcom 30 Rock and her much-praised co-hosting of the Golden Globes last year, comedienne Tina Fey is a pretty recognisable face these days.
From the television show Arrested Development (2003 - 2006) to movies such as Horrible Bosses (2011), the joke is often on Jason Bateman, who has made a fine career of playing the long-suffering "straight man" in comedies.
Every family deals with death in a different way.


ONLINE gambling addict "Benson" was at his wits' end two years ago, having incurred a spiralling debt from his insatiable habit.
GAMBLING via the Internet and telephone will soon be illegal, if the Remote Gambling Bill tabled in Parliament on Monday is passed.
ONE aim of the Remote Gambling Bill is that by blocking gambling websites, cutting payment gateways and banning pop-up adverts, no one will stumble on them by chance.


THE United States' rebalancing to Asia, frequently described as a "pivot" to Asia, is unravelling.
CLIMATE sceptics aided by powerful industry lobbies have clashed with scientists from day one of the controversy about a warming planet. They will slug it out anew over the latest study from the World Meteorological Organisation showing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit their highest single-year spurt last year.
WHAT is important to our well-being?

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MONDAY'S Sport cover page showed the contrasting fortunes of two local sports.
OUR netball team did Singapore proud by winning the Asian Netball Championships and qualifying for next year's Netball World Cup ("S'pore netball stands tall"; Monday).
MY MOTHER is in her mid-80s. She is ambulatory but unable to manage the excessive walking at airports.


MUNICH - Ravaged by injuries, still smarting from the exit of their key playmaker, and enduring patchy form to the start of a new season - there might not be a better occasion to meet Bayern Munich than now.
LONDON - Jose Mourinho wants to cement his place in European football history by becoming the first coach to win the Champions League with three clubs.
MADRID - One of the most disappointing aspects of Barcelona's failure to win major silverware last season was the lack of on-field chemistry between Lionel Messi and Neymar.