Sunday, Jul 27, 2014Sunday, Jul 27, 2014
BUYERS jumped back into the local housing market as prices of both public and private homes fell for another straight quarter, figures out yesterday showed.

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DONETSK (Ukraine) - The Ukrainian Prime Minister's resignation after the collapse of his governing coalition has plunged the former Soviet state into political limbo even as it struggles to quell a deadly rebellion.
STUDIO apartments were hotter than usual in this month's launch of Housing Board flats, due to their being part of the Kampung Admiralty integrated project.
TWO men, one of them a parish priest, were fined yesterday for a lift accident in a church that killed a Filipino maid and seriously injured an elderly parishioner.


TANGLIN Secondary School celebrated its 50th birthday last month with a concert and dinner attended by old boys and girls.
WHEN nurse Sheree Ye needs to communicate with a patient who speaks only Cantonese, she no longer needs to play charades or wait for a colleague to translate.
THE new Centre of Geriatric Medicine at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) is not just for elderly patients, but also a resource stop for their caregivers.


JAPAN has released declassified diplomatic archives indicating that both China and Taiwan started asserting their ownership of the Japanese-administered Senkaku islands only from 1971.
Misreading China's nuke potential: In January 1964, Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda told US Secretary of State Dean Rusk that it would be "long in the future" before China would be capable of testing a nuclear device. Nine months later, Beijing conducted its first test.
SHANGHAI - Shanghai Husi Food, the United States-owned Chinese food supplier at the centre of a meat safety scandal, won a court case earlier this year against a former quality control officer who said he was made to forge meat production dates.


NEW YORK - An Indonesian man once considered one of the world's top wine collectors has been ordered to forfeit US$20 million (S$24.8 million) for selling millions of dollars of counterfeit bottles of wine to unsuspecting buyers.
A KILT and jacket belonging to the young Prince Charles from 1958 (right) and the geography exercise book of the five-year-old Prince William (above) are displayed at the "Royal Childhood" exhibition at Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.
GAZA CITY - International pressure for a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza ramped up yesterday after the alleged Israeli shelling of a UN facility sheltering displaced Gazans killed at least 15 civilians, drawing widespread international condemnation.


RENTS for retail space went up in the second quarter and are expected to continue rising, consultants said yesterday.
A CURIOUS bright spot has emerged among the dying embers of the once red-hot private home market - landed property.
AT LEAST one property expert is questioning whether Spring Grove condominium, in the upscale Grange Road precinct, can secure the eye-popping $1.39 billion price sought in a collective sale.


Walk-in wardrobes, often thought of as a luxurious feature in spacious homes, are now becoming a common request among those who live in HDB flats and small apartments.
Women from China are loud and brash. Men from Taiwan are sensitive but meek. These are common stereotypes that Taiwanese film director Hsieh Chun-yi skewers to comedic effect in his feature film debut, Apolitical Romance.
Korean drama fans may be used to getting more than an eyeful of the toned abs of heart-throb Song Seung Heon in the many shirtless scenes in his dramas.


"IMPROVE the returns on people's CPF savings" is a common refrain these days, one that was picked up by experts speaking at a forum on CPF and Retirement Adequacy on Tuesday, but they varied over how to achieve this.
ROY NGERNG: Now that we know that the CPF is invested in the GIC, is it also possible to know what is the interest earned in Singapore dollar terms since inception?
AS MUCH as half of Singapore's working population, many of them graduates in the middle-income group, may not have enough in their Central Provident Fund (CPF) accounts to tide them through their golden years.


IN MY long diplomatic career I have been appointed as a special envoy on three occasions: once by the United Nations secretary-general, Dr Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and twice by the second prime minister of Singapore, Mr Goh Chok Tong.
THE evolution of the Central Provident Fund over almost 60 years has led to organisational excellence characterised by sound and prudent policies, as well as innovative practices that have led to awards and much international interest in the Singapore system. As the protection of funds is underwritten by the state, "one of the few remaining triple-A credit-rated governments in the world, this is a solid guarantee", as the Finance Ministry emphasised.
EVERYBODY'S mad about the "poor door". This is the name critics have bestowed upon the separate entrance for the affordable-housing units at a planned new luxury building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Those who pay market rates would have access to extra amenities - gym, pool, Hudson River views - as well as their own doors and lobby.

Forum Letters

MR DEVADAS Krishnadas wondered whether Singaporeans would pull together and rally behind their leadership if a tragedy similar to the downing of Flight MH17 struck Singapore ("Count on me, Singapore... in a national crisis too?"; yesterday).
I REFER to the recent letters concerning airlines flying through Ukrainian airspace until the MH17 tragedy, and aviation correspondent Karamjit Kaur's commentary ("Plug holes in sharing of data on air risks"; Thursday).
WE ARE fully committed to ensuring that Singapore remains a clean, green and beautiful city. We agree with Dr Seto Hann Hoi ("Anti-littering drive: Get institutions on board"; Thursday) that this requires the concerted effort of all stakeholders, including public agencies.


TEO Shun Xie woke up yesterday to the same breakfast of mushrooms, tomatoes and boiled eggs. She then had her usual chat with coach Anatoly Babushkin, and meditated in her hotel room.
GLASGOW - It was a world record that few expected to be broken any time soon.
GLASGOW - Bradley Wiggins has set his sights on claiming his fifth Olympic gold at Rio de Janeiro in 2016 after losing out to Australia in the final of the men's team pursuit at the Commonwealth Games.