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Not hungry enough

Every Budget, every National Day Rally, many ask: 'What goodies are we getting?' Is this appropriate?

We are a first world nation. We can build all the best facilities, but facilities alone do not make champions. Discipline, dedication, hard work, blood , sweat and toil do.

Failure need not always be paralysing. Can we remove constraints on our thinking? Can we ride the tide of change and transformation and be willing to take the beating as we strive? Can we take ownership of our learning and growth?

We can choose to sit in a cafe and watch the world go by, or wait for inspiration to strike us.

Or we can get up and do something about it and tame that hunger.

DR FATIMAH LATEEF, (Marine Parade GRC) yesterday questioned if Singaporeans are hungry enough to meet the challenges of an increasingly difficult environment.

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