• Top story, Sept 1: Contests expected in all 89 seats today. #GE2015. More on t.co/IEVsToiBS2 t.co/yqeQHk6Jlb
  • RT @singapolitics: AHPETC will have surplus of $1.7m once it receives Govt grant, says Sylvia Lim in letter to residents #GE2015 t.c…
  • RT @singapolitics: Mr Sitoh's slogan in full, reads: 1Vision working 2Gether to unite the community and better the lives of 3Generations #G
  • RT @singapolitics: Potong Pasir MP Sitoh Yih Pin launched his manifesto for the coming polls: 1Vision 2Gether 3Generations #GE2015 t…
  • RT @singapolitics: #GE2015: AHPETC bottomline not affected by $3.5m claims from FMSS, says WP chairman Sylvia Lim. t.co/8WMpciJCNk
  • RT @singapolitics: JCA: I have a specific plan to make Mountbatten a home for the heart and not just a place to stay. #GE2015
  • RT @singapolitics: JCA: And to make Mountbatten a place where the better off will be able to help those who are not so well off. #GE2015
  • RT @singapolitics: JCA: Mountbatten has a wide demography, I want to demonstrate how Singaporeans can work as a community. #GE2015 t…
  • RT @singapolitics: JCA: To help them make the transition between ITE and polytechnic, or between polytechnic and university. #GE2015
  • RT @singapolitics: JCA: We have been alerted to a social divide, and current levels of mobility are insufficient: I want to do something ab…
Parliamentary hopefuls from nine political parties head to nine nomination centres islandwide today to register for the General Election.

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Political parties in Singapore have started to unveil their candidates and which constituencies they will contest in for the coming general election.

Click on each constituency, or key in your address or postal code, to find out more.

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With Polling Day confirmed as Sept 11 and a daily feed of candidate introductions, the questions of the day have shifted from pre-election details to electoral prospects.