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North Korean crisis
DANDONG, China (REUTERS) - Peering at graphic pictures of supposed US biological warfare efforts during the 1950-53 Korean War, Mr Zhang Ping tugs on the sleeve of a visiting foreign reporter to complain about the barbarism visited on his compatriots during the conflict.
SEOUL (AFP) - The United States and South Korea are due on Tuesday to wrap up joint military drills that infuriated North Korea, raising hopes for an easing of cross-border military tensions.
SEOUL - North Korea appears to be gearing up for a major military exercise, a report said on Sunday, amid tensions over an expected missile test and South Korea's pullout from a joint industrial complex.
SEOUL (AFP) - South Korea called on Friday for the withdrawal of all remaining workers from its joint industrial complex with North Korea, after Pyongyang shunned an offer for talks on the zone's future.
SEOUL (AFP) - North Korea on Friday rejected South Korea's proposal for talks on the future of the Kaesong joint industrial zone, despite Seoul's warning of "significant measures" if Pyongyang declined.
SEOUL (AFP) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw a military parade marking the anniversary on Thursday of the founding of the country's army as military tensions remain high on the Korean peninsula.
SEOUL (AFP) - South Korea announced on Wednesday a set of measures, including tax relief and special loans, to help firms hit by North Korea's closure of the Kaesong joint industrial zone.
BEIJING (REUTERS) - China will send its special envoy on North Korea to the United States next week for talks on maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, the foreign ministry said on Friday.
VIENNA (REUTERS) - North Korea would need to carry out at least one more atomic test in order to develop a nuclear missile, a prominent US scientist who has often visited the isolated Asian state said on Thursday.
ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE (REUTERS) - The United States remains open to "authentic and credible" negotiations with North Korea, but the country would first need to show it is serious about abandoning its nuclear ambitions, a White House spokesman said on Thursday.


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