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Yes we tan: Obama's suit takes Twitter by storm

Published on Aug 29, 2014 7:24 PM

WASHINGTON - Television viewers were glued to the screen during President Barack Obama's impromptu press conference on Thursday.

But for most of them, it's probably not because of his speech about Russian responsibility for rebel actions in Ukraine and ongoing US air strikes against Islamists in Iraq.

It's more visible than that. It's his tan suit. The light-coloured summer suit donned by Mr Obama, who usually sticks to sombre colours like grey or blue, sparked a storm on social media, with journalists, stylists and netizens debating whether it's serious-looking enough for the press conference.

By 6.30pm on Friday (Singapore time), Obama's suit is still driving Twitter crazy.

Earlier in the day, Twitter suspended the account of parody handle #Obamasuit. But another handle has since popped up: @Tan_suit.

Here are some tweets about that particular suit: