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Gaza war rages on, Hamas says Israel tried to kill its military chief

Published on Aug 20, 2014 4:59 PM

GAZA/JERUSALEM (REUTERS) - Israeli air strikes killed 11 Palestinians in Gaza, including the wife and infant son of Hamas's military leader, Mr Mohammed Deif, in what the group said on Wednesday was an attempt to assassinate him after a ceasefire collapsed.

Accusing Israel of opening a "gateway to hell", Hamas fired rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The attacks caused no casualties but demonstrated the Islamist movement could still bring the Gaza war to Israel's heartland despite heavy Israeli bombardments in the five-week-old conflict.

Israel's military said it had carried out 60 air strikes on the Gaza Strip since hostilities resumed on Tuesday, and that Palestinians launched more than 80 rocket salvoes, some intercepted by the Israeli anti-missile Iron Dome system.

The violence shattered a 10-day period of calm, the longest break from fighting since Israel launched its Gaza offensive on July 8 with the declared aim of ending Palestinian rocket fire into its territory.

A digger removes on Aug 20, 2014, cement and debris from a home destroyed the night before in an Israeli air strike on Gaza City's Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood which killed the wife and infant daughter of elusive Hamas military chief Mohammed Deif, the Islamist group said. -- PHOTO: AFP
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