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UK govt removes Lego figures from Scotland independence campaign

Published on Jun 7, 2014 9:08 PM

LONDON (REUTERS) - The British government has removed images of Lego figures enjoying the possible gains of Scots rejecting a vote for independence, after the Danish toy maker complained about the use of its characters in a online campaign.

The government produced a list of 12 things Scots could buy with the extra 1,400 pounds (S$3,500) a year it said they would have if they voted to stay part of the United Kingdom in a Sept. 18 referendum, using figures made from Lego to illustrate the options.

The choices, posted on social media site Buzzfeed and an official government website, ranged from taking a holiday outside Scotland, with a Lego woman sunning herself on a beach, to watching soccer club Aberdeen play all season with a few pies thrown in.

Other suggestions included traveling between Edinburgh and Glasgow 127 times by bus, scoffing 280 hotdogs at the Edinburgh Festival and paying a year's worth of household utility bills.

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