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Seventy years on, Poles still deeply moved by Warsaw Uprising

Published on Jul 31, 2014 11:46 AM

WARSAW (AFP) - As Poles mark 70 years since insurgents launched a valiant but bloody and doomed rebellion against the Nazis, the Warsaw Uprising is still very much alive in hearts and minds, as is the belief that in the end, freedom wins.

"Today, there's a fierce battle for freedom in Ukraine. The same sacrifices and the human and economic toll is great, just like 70 years ago here in Warsaw," said Ewa Borkowska-Pastwa, the leader of Poland's national scouting organisation, heavily involved in this year's memorial ceremonies.

It was thanks to the "spirit of the Warsaw Uprising" that Poland shed communism and regained freedom a quarter century ago, but this time without a single shot being fired, she told AFP.

"That spirit remained alive throughout the communist era and inspired new generations of Poles to continue the fight. Even though it took until 1989 to win freedom (from Soviet domination), over the long term, the insurgency paid off, " Borkowska-Pastwa insists.

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