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Marine Le Pen: The daughter who escaped the shadow of the father

Published on May 26, 2014 1:10 PM

PARIS (AFP) - As a schoolgirl, Marine Le Pen was teased that she must be a fascist because her father was one.

It is a charge the former lawyer who heads France's far-right National Front (FN) has worked hard to shake off in the political playground.

And on the evidence of Sunday's European election results, the TV-friendly blonde has succeeded.

The association with Mr Jean-Marie Le Pen's multiple convictions for inciting racial hatred and holocaust denial means the FN remains an untouchable political grouping for many, including the leader of Britain's equally Eurosceptic UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage.

Marine Le Pen, France's National Front political party head, reacts after leaving her polling station during the European Parliament election in Henin-Beaumont on May 25, 2014. -- PHOTO: REUTERS
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