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'I was robbed, sexually-assaulted' says Norway mystery man

Published on Apr 10, 2014 2:31 AM

OSLO (AFP) - Speaking English with a Slavic accent, a man known only as "John Smith" because he does not remember his real name is proving a mystery for Norwegian police.

The tall, young amnesiac was found helpless in the snow near a carwash in Oslo last December. How he got there, and from where, he has no idea.

"What apparently has happened is that I was robbed, I was for sure sexually assaulted, and then I was thrown onto a street in Oslo," he told AFP on Wednesday.

"What might have happened is that they took advantage of the fact that Europe has open borders - this amazing European invention - and that they basically used Oslo as a garbage place to dump me," he said, without knowing who "they" are.

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