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Easter war of words breaks out between Ukraine and Russia

Published on Apr 20, 2014 11:12 AM

KIEV (AFP) - Politics overshadowed Easter observances in Kiev and Moscow, with the Orthodox religious leaders in each capital trading barbs over the crisis in Ukraine - while the US reportedly prepared to send ground forces to neighbouring Poland.

Patriarch Filaret thundered to the faithful in pro-West Kiev that Russia was an "enemy" whose "attack" on Ukraine was doomed to failure because it was evil and contrary to God's will.

Worshippers who gathered for a service which stretched into Sunday morning at St Michael's Cathedral in Kiev, close to the Maidan, the Ukrainian capital's protest tent-city, said they had hopes of a peaceful resolution.

"It is true there is a certain divide between East and West, but it seems to me that the Passover unites the country," said teenager Tysiatchna Sofia "Faith has always brought people together."

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