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Angelina Jolie launches warzone rape protocol

Published on Jun 12, 2014 2:08 AM

LONDON (AFP) - Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and British Foreign Secretary William Hague launched an international protocol on Wednesday which she hopes will "really, truly end impunity" for sexual violence in wars.

The document, which offers guidance for those on the frontline who document sexual violence, was launched at a four-day global conference to end sexual violence in conflict in London co-chaired by Ms Jolie and Mr Hague. It offers proposals on how best to recognise sexual violence as an international crime and how to investigate it.

The protocol also sets out how to protect victims and witnesses and how to safeguard interviews and information.

Ms Jolie said up to 50,000 women were victims of sexual violence during the war in Bosnia - but "only just over 60 people" have ever been successfully prosecuted.

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