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Couple rescued after treading water for 14 hours off Florida coast

Published on Jun 23, 2014 12:21 AM

MIAMI (Reuters) - A group of off-duty sheriff's officers on a morning fishing trip near Fort Lauderdale, Florida rescued a couple who had been treading water all night after falling off their boat near Key Largo and drifting nearly 112 kilometres.

"We were all stunned, we all looked at each other and asked are we seeing what we think we're seeing," Mr Keith Salvis of the Broward Sheriff Office's fire rescue department told a local NBC affiliate.

The couple, Mr Sean McGovern, 50, and Ms Mellisa Morris, 52, were in the water for 14 hours without life jackets or signaling devices.

When they were found on Saturday morning, they told their rescuers they had fallen off the back of their 9-metre boat the previous evening.

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