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World Cup 2014

Hamster Cup Episode 2: US vs Portugal

Published on Jun 22, 2014 11:55 AM

Tiki and Taka are their names, and football prediction is their game.

Meet The Straits Times/The Sunday Times' resident hamsters who are joining in the World Cup craze by slugging it out in their very own "Hamster Cup".

The duo are the stars of a series of videos on ST's World Cup microsite, where they represent a World Cup country and race in hamster balls.

The hamster who scores the most goals by rolling into a designated goal wins.

Tiki (rear), representing Uruguay, and Taka, in English colours, showing their prowess during the first game. The outcome was correct though not the score. -- ST PHOTO: ASHLEIGH SIM

In their latest face-off, they donned the colours of Portugal and United States ahead of the match (tomorrow, 6am, Singapore time).

Three-month-old Tiki, a winter-white pearl-coloured female, represented the US, while Taka, a brown-backed white-faced male, played for Portugal.

The two pint-sized rodents showed their psychic potential during their first prediction game, when the usually sedate Tiki, representing Uruguay, surprisingly trounced the energetic Taka, representing England, 4-1.

While the scoreline is not spot on, the South Americans did win the match 2-1.

Since the first match, Tiki has been spending most of her time in her self-made nest of cotton, while Taka has been training hard on the hamster wheel, apparently ready to avenge his humiliating defeat.

A team of ST hamster minders have been making sure that the duo get enough food, rest and play, entertaining them with a variety of toys from wheels to grape-shaped chew toys.

Will the duo get their predictions right for a second time? Catch the latest action in the ST Hamster Cup on our World Cup microsite,