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Hamster Cup: Twin victory for Tiki and Taka

There's always a natural connection between young girls and cute, furry animals. But when that collides with one of the greatest sporting events in the world, it might be a new history in the making.

Published on Jul 12, 2014 12:55 PM
Twin sisters Victoria (right) and Olivia (centre) are two of 20 winners of The Straits Times Hamster Cup T-shirt contest. Their father, Mr Soh Cheow Guan (left), says the girls started following the World Cup after chancing upon the Hamster Cup videos on The Straits Times website. -- PHOTO: SOH CHEOW GUAN

Twin sisters Victoria and Olivia Soh have never been interested in the World Cup, but everything changed when they came across our very own hamster duo Tiki and Taka.

After all, who can resist our little clairvoyant pair who are always ready to ruffle up their coats to play the likes of Messi, Rooney, and Mueller?

The 12-year-old sisters' love for the star hamsters has led them to participate in and win The Straits Times Hamster Cup T-shirt contest. The twins and 18 others walked away with a limited edition Hamster Cup T-shirt each.

Their father, 45-year-old retiree Soh Cheow Guan, told us that his daughters had become hooked on the furry pundits when they chanced upon the video on The Straits Times website. It was Tiki and Taka's public debut, and they were representing the clash between England and Uruguay.

"They found it more entertaining than the World Cup itself, and kept watching the same video over and over again," he said.

"In the next Hamster Cup match between US and Portugal, when Taka channelled Cristiano Ronaldo, the girls picked up on the link to his KFC advertisement. This kept their interest in watching subsequent videos."

Thanks to the cuddly rodents and their chubby cheeks, Victoria and Olivia now follow the World Cup scores by reading the newspapers and looking out for World Cup related headlines. Names like Neymar and Suarez pop up now and then as well.

Mr Soh added that they even calculated the percentage of Tiki and Taka's correct predictions: five out of seven so far (that's 71.4 per cent).

The dynamic duo have accurately picked the winner of each match at full-time, only falling short on Germany's win over France in the quarter-final and Argentina's close semi-final triumph over Holland on penalties after a goalless draw. They were even good enough to predict a full-time draw between Switzerland and Argentina, remember that?

Speaking about triumph, Mr Soh revealed that our dearest Tiki has won the favour of both sisters. It might be a female bonding kind of thing, but we'll keep the news from Taka for the time being, just in case.

As the World Cup draws to its climactic final on July 14 (Singapore time) between European giants Germany and South-American Messi-led Argentina, our hamster athletes play their last crucial match.

Will Joachim and his team pull out another merciless victory with traditional German efficiency, or will the Argentinians upset the hosts by bringing the trophy home on Brazilian soil?

Olivia is putting her hopes in Argentina, while Victoria is watching what Tiki and Taka have to say.