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Hamster Cup: Our clairvoyant duo go off on a high, getting the final result right

Published on Jul 14, 2014 9:29 AM

ST hamsters Tiki and Taka correctly guessed that Germany will beat Argentina in their final hamster ball match. 

That means they have gotten six out of their eight 'predictions' right for this year's World Cup, even though they still don't even understand what offside means, or that humans play football by kicking the ball, not running in them. 

Perhaps sensing the football fever this morning, both fluffy rodents were more active than usual, running around their cages and even climbing on the walls. 

When told of the Germany-Argentina result, they were extremely pleased, as seen by how heartily they took their morning snack of pumpkin seeds. 

ST's hamster Taka was livelier than usual this morning, even making a rare ascend to the mezzanine floor of his cage. --  ST PHOTO: LIN ZHAOWEI

They said they would consider playing hamster ball again, but only if the occasion is big enough.