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Argentina through to final after penalty shootout: Reactions

Published on Jul 10, 2014 7:55 AM

Netherlands coach Louis Van Gaal, who also suggested that two players declined to take the first penalty kick before he asked Vlaar: 

"When you play in a tournament, you go for first place, and then it doesn't matter whether you finish third, fourth, fifth. This team has put in a fantastic performance. Lots of things went right, that's why we reached the semi-final. 

"I thought it was necessary to take out van Persie, because he was on his last legs and he wasn't a target man anymore. If I had the chance, I would have subbed Cillessen again. But I didn't get that chance. If you look at this tournament, we've done great. We survived the most difficult group. 

"I think we have done too little with our domination. But Argentina is a better organised team than the other teams we have played."

He also is not a fan of the third-place playoff, saying: "I think this match should never be played... The worst thing is there is a chance you lose twice in a row."

Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella: "It is a great joy. It was a very difficult, very close match. I'm happy. We're in the final. We'll see what we can do with one day less recovery time (compared to Germany) and after penalties. But we'll give everything: humility, hard work, 100 per cent.We'll see if that's enough for us to win." 

He also paid tribute to van Gaal and said: "He is a person who taught me a lot in Holland. He teaches all his players to grow."