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World Cup 2014

Argentina fans party in the streets of Rio ahead of Germany final

Published on Jul 13, 2014 5:03 PM

It may have been 24 hours before the big game, but Argentina fans were already taking to the streets in Rio de Janeiro ahead of Monday's World Cup final between Argentina and Germany.

Singing songs and playing instruments, a few hundred turned the Lapa area into a big party zone, causing traffic to come to a standstill. They stayed out well into the wee hours of Sunday morning, as police looked on to ensure the noisy crowd did not get out of hand.

More than 100,000 Argentinians are thought to have crossed the border for the match, which Brazilians hope will go the way of Germany.

Neighbours Argentina and Brazil have a bitter football rivalry and the last thing Brazilians want is for Argentina to win the World Cup on their turf, especially after Brazil's 1-7 and 0-3 thrashing at the hands of Germany and the Netherlands.

Argentina fans partied into the wee hours of Sunday morning on the streets of Rio de Janiero as they look forward to their country's World Cup final against Germany. -- PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE 

Extra police presence is expected at the Estadio do Maracana for the final.