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World Cup 2014

10 most colourful fashioni-STars at the World Cup

Published on Jul 8, 2014 7:46 PM
A Brazilian supporter wearing a watermelon mask on his head poses with his fellow fans prior to the quarter-final football match between Brazil and Colombia at the Castelao Stadium in Fortaleza during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on July 4, 2014. -- PHOTO: AFP

If you’ve caught any action from the World Cup at all, chances are, you’ve also seen the fans who go all out to show their support for their team.

Be it costumes, face paint, or props – you won’t find fans who put more effort, time and creativity into dressing up for the matches than those at the World Cup.

We honour some of the best with the inaugural World Cup Fashioni-STars Awards:

1. Most Environmentally-Friendly Award

Brazil Watermelon Man wins this one hands-down. Why throw the rind away after quenching your thirst with the juicy fruit in hot and humid Brazil?

Put the rind to good use by carving a Halloween pumpkin-like helmet out of it - and get your six seconds of fame along with it.

2. Most Unlikely To Go Hungry Award (suitable for vegans)

Fans often have to get to the stadium many hours before kick-off, enduring a lengthy wait before the action begins.

Feeling peckish? This Netherlands fan has you covered with the carrots attached to his helmet. Unlike the usual stadium grub, this will make for a much healthier option. One only hopes he has washed them beforehand.

3. The One-For-All, All-For-One Award

Because if this quartet were short of any of their members, the life-size Japan flag would be incomplete, lop-sided. Just one question, though. What happens during the toilet break?

4. Most Irrelevant But Still Makes A Statement Award

We're not quite sure what the correlation between Argentina and zebras are, but this get-up is at the very least eye-catching.

5. Most Likely To Get A Heat Stroke Award


This Germany fan is in spandex. A full-body spandex suit. That has a good deal of it in heat-trapping black. With no openings for ventilation. In hot and humid Brazil. Need we say more?

6. Most Historically Haunting Award

Kudos to these Argentina fans for thinking out of the box, injecting a bit of World Cup history into their creative costumes. Meet the ghost of 1950 (left), who has joined hands with a partner in 2014 (right) to haunt Argentina's fierce rivals, Brazil.

According to the format of that year's tournament, Brazil needed only to avoid defeat by Uruguay in the final to secure victory. So sure were some of Brazil's impending victory that a newspaper even went ahead and printed the next day's publication with headlines declaring their victory.

The ghost of 1950 is a theme that has cast a shadow over the Selecao since.

7. The Airhead Award

They're not real airheads, mind you. Think about it - these Chile fans' "hats" have the height and size that many other props lack, yet does not weigh down on the wearer's heads and is easily worn for a full 90 minutes. 

Just try and steer clear of sharp edges, or annoying people who can't resist the urge to give it a poke.

8. Most Hair-Raising Award

For this USA fan, the flag on the face part, totally understandable. Face paint is a fan favourite at the World Cup.

But the hair part... that one I'm not quite sure how it was done. "I believe" it was very painful, though.

9. Most Labour-Intensive Award

Nothing like slabbing your whole body with paint - or standing on railings - to show your loyalty or get some attention. But good luck washing it off later.

10. Most Annoying Award

Sympathies to those sitting directly behind these two Mexico fans, who must be thinking to themselves: "Whatever did (ouch) I do to deserve (ouch) this?"