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Singapore Cricket Club president Michael Grice, 70, dies after fall near club's entrance

Published on Aug 24, 2014 5:06 PM
Mr Michael Grice, President of Singapore Cricket Club (left) chatting with football legends Mr Ray Parlour (centre) and Mr Alan Brazil at the tournament draw for the Singapore Cricket Club International Soccer Sixes at Singapore Cricket Club on May 15, 2014. -- PHOTO: ST FILE

Singapore - Michael Grice, the president of the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC), died early on Sunday morning after an accidental fall while going down the stairs to the men's changing room to pick up his sports bag at the club.

The Yorkshire-born 70-year-old, who had given a rousing speech during the dinner for the club's annual cricket tournament on Saturday, was found unconscious near the club's entrance soon after by some members of the club who tried to resuscitate him and called for an ambulance. He was rushed to the Singapore General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at around 5am.

Players and spectators observed a one-minute silence on Sunday evening in memory of the cricket, football and rugby lover at The Padang, before the SCC cricket tournament concluded. A letter was also circulated amongst SCC members and spectators praising Grice's contributions to the club during the tournament.

Grice's wake will be held from Monday evening at the Singapore Casket on Lavender Street, with the funeral scheduled for Thursday.