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Large cracks in Mourinho's empire

European exit could prompt Abramovich to question value of bringing Jose back

Published on May 4, 2014 11:54 AM
Jose Mourinho.  -- PHOTO: REUTERS

How safe is the "Mouthy One" at Stamford Bridge?

The day after Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League, the owner's response appeared to be to consolidate the deal that Jose Mourinho has been crying out for since he returned to London a year ago.

Get me a goal scorer. Get me Diego Costa. My tactics are so superior I can snuff out any opponent. But I can't win all the games, all the trophies, unless you buy me Costa.

Well, it would appear that Roman Abramovich has met that price.

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Background story

Still results over entertainment

Wasn't there supposed to be a rift between the owner and the coach first time around based on the belief that Abramovich wanted to be more entertained by the team that he has sunk so many hundreds of millions into?