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Bus goes against flow of traffic and crashes into motorcycle

Published on Aug 22, 2014 5:19 PM
A screengrab from a video clip showing a bus, which was going against the flow of traffic, crashing into a motorcycle. -- PHOTO: SINGAPORE RECKLESS DRIVERS/YOUTUBE

SINGAPORE - When a motorcyclist saw a bus travelling against the flow of traffic and heading towards him, he decided to pull to a stop. But the private bus just kept going and finally collided into his motorcycle, knocking him off his vehicle.

A video clip of the accident, taken with an in-vehicle camera on Aug 12, the day of the accident, was posted on the Singapore Reckless Drivers website on Thursday. Police confirmed that the incident took place at about 7.30am, near the junction of West Coast Road and West Coast Link.

The 28-second clip shows the motorcyclist slowing down when the bus made the turn. The motorcyclist then stopped for a few seconds, and as the bus continued to head his way, he tried moving his bike out of the way but failed to do so in time.

Police told The Straits Times the motorcyclist was taken conscious to National University Hospital. Investigations are ongoing.

Video from Singapore Reckless Drivers Community