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Winning designs chosen for benches made from old National Stadium wooden planks

Published on Aug 6, 2014 12:08 PM

SINGAPORE - Wooden planks from the former National Stadium are getting a new lease of life around the island - and Singaporeans have chosen the form that their reincarnation will take.

Ten bench designs using these old planks, ranging from an undulating 'Kallang Wave' to the letters of the word 'Dream', emerged as winners after more than 6,000 votes were received under the Urban Redevelopment Authority's 'Pick a bench, Pick a place' initiative.

By early next year, 42 benches in the winning designs will be installed at 15 locations around the island, from Marina Bay and Sentosa to heartland spots such as Jurong Pedestrian Mall and Punggol Promenade.

"When the former National Stadium was demolished to give way to the new Sports Hub, we salvaged the seating planks," National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

"We have an idea that if the planks can be recycled into well-designed benches, it would be a meaningful way to commemorate the grand old dame of Kallang."

The voting took place from February 27 till March 31, with a choice of 24 bench designs and 24 locations. The designs were by local designers, artists, architects and winners of the bench design competition held in 2012.

Since last year, 26 benches have already been installed at six locations.