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Straits Times FB post of MP's selfie with former PM Lee Kuan Yew gets 40,000 likes

Published on Aug 11, 2014 12:39 PM

A photograph of MP Teo Ser Luck taking a selfie of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew at the National Day Parade has gone viral.

A Straits Times Facebook post on it (http://bit.ly/1mwlRYy) reached 1.2 million people, got 170,000 post clicks and 43,000 likes, comments and shares.

Almost all the comments were in appreciation of the 90-year-old senior statesman's efforts in transforming Singapore. 

“Thank you Mr Lee! Without your vision and conviction, Singapore will probably not be what it is today. A big thank you to Mr Lee and the rest of our founding fathers.” said Facebook user Davis Koh.

“I'm glad to see you were at NDP 2014 Mr Lee,” added fellow user Fauziah Mohd Shariff , “you remind me of what it means by resilience and can do spirit. Thank you for having the vision and courage to build Singapore!”

Mr Teo, who is also Minister of State at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, was sitting in front of Mr Lee when he raised his right hand to take the shot.

While he didn't post it on Facebook, other MPs such as Ms Indranee Rajah, who was in the shot, did.

Her Facebook post, 'Great to be celebrating NDP with Mr Lee Kuan Yew! #NDP2014' was liked by about 5,500 users.