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Solar power map to help S'poreans see the light

Project will assess every rooftop here in bid to boost use of solar panels

Published on Apr 28, 2014 8:21 AM
Every rooftop on the Singapore map will be coloured red, orange or yellow, depending on how suited it is to harnessing solar energy. -- FILE PHOTO: AFP

A sky-high government-funded project is under way to map and analyse each and every one of the thousands of rooftops here.

The aim? To figure out on average how much each is exposed to the sun.

This information will be shared with Singaporeans in the hope that more will warm towards installing solar panels, as the nation ramps up its use of the sun's energy.

This work by the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (Seris) is part of an ambitious, wider effort by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to photograph and map, in 3D, the entire country's landscape.

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