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SMRT fires relief taxi driver for reckless driving caught on video

Published on Sep 3, 2014 9:12 PM
Screengrabs from a video, posted by Facebook user Alan Kong, showing a Toyota Prius taxi swerving twice into the lane of an oncoming motorcycle in a reckless manner. -- PHOTO: ALAN KONG/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - SMRT has fired a relief taxi driver on Wednesday, following its investigations into a video that was shared on social media which showed him driving recklessly.

In a 23-second clip posted by Facebook user Alan Kong, a Toyota Prius taxi can be seen swerving twice into the lane of a motorcycle in a reckless manner.

SMRT said investigations found a relief driver was behind the wheel of the taxi involved, and they had terminated his contract.

"The incident shown on the video is regrettable," SMRT said in a Facebook update.

SMRT said the taxi driver assigned to the cab was not involved and will continue to drive it.

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